Month: June 2019

Mortgage lending: Beware of cap loans

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Due to the low mortgage rates, it is currently possible to take especially cheap real estate loans. Even loans that are subject to a longer fixed interest rate (eg 15 or 20 years) can be taken up very cheaply. To get by far the lowest interest rates But some borrowers can not make friends with […]

Card Stores Good Lender

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The Good Lender (Private Label) is intended for consumers who choose to shop. It offers a number of advantages for paying for purchases. Private Label Card, Co-Branded Card or simply store card, are cards issued by retailers, with numerous advantages and services that have as main objective to loyal customers. Credit Card Options Good lender […]

Loans or Personal Payday loans – how to buy a new TV?

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Festive prizes are a great way to get a product that we would otherwise need, because at the end of the year we can get it cheaper – for example, a new washing machine or a kitchen appliance. Pre-holidays shopping is best financed from your own pocket, but unfortunately this is not always the case. […]